eMule 0.50a Katana 2.0

eMule 0.50a Katana 2.0

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eMule 0.50a Katana 2.0-第1张图片-cc下载站
一款 Emule 下载加速软件,它使用了具有革命性的技术对您的ISP服务商的带宽进行最大潜能的加速下载,软件会自动的查找更多的数据源,比起 Emule 搜索引擎具有更佳的带宽利用优势。 zol提供eMule 0.50a Katana下载。
eMule 0.50a Katana 2.0-第2张图片-cc下载站

一款 Emule 下载加速软件,它使用了具有革命性的技术对您的ISP服务商的带宽进行最大潜能的加速下载,软件会自动的查找更多的数据源,比起 Emule 搜索引擎具有更佳的带宽利用优势。
2.0:added: Antileech tab for clientDetailsDialog [pP]
added: Redesigned ClientDetailsDialog [pP/from X-Ray 1.7]
-> Added support for ModIcons
-> Added support for SoftIcons
-> Moved Countryflag in front of countryname
-> Hide IP2C and Modstring labels if not needed
added: Icon for complete files (replaces filetype icon) [pP]
added: OwnScore Columns in queue and upload list [pP/VQB]
added: LeecherHashes are stored per session. Lists are check on new connections [pP]
changed: ModIconDLL, behaviour of showing SoftIcons [pP]
-> MiM off: All official SoftIcons for others clientsofts are shown in all lists
-> MiM on : All clientsofts get the eMule icon with full overlays, other client-
softs are displayed by the Mapper only.
added: BadHashList to store detected badmods (sessionbased) [pP]
removed: unneded codes after update [thx @ umeK]
removed: Unneded ClientSoft codes [pP]
changed: Prefs are saved to/loaded from separate ini file [pP]
-> Fallback: try to load from preferences.ini if no mod file exists.
updated: Clientanalyzer 1.51 [Wizard/TS 2.1]
Updated: merged into eMule 0.50a [thx @ morph4u for giving a hand on the libs!]